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#1 Wed Sep 13 18:15

Lord Mido
Rank: Minion
Registered: Wed Sep 13
Posts: 4

[Accepted] Lord Mido's Application

Character Information

Name: Mido Dido
Level: 267
Vocation: Elite Knight

Original Owner: Yes
Criminal Records: No

Tibialife Information

Previous gameworlds, why did you leave them?

I left Calmera Server...because there was a Guild Named WANTED...they were the highest lvls in the Server...and made a Great Power Abuse....Closing CATACOMBS forever 24/7....and Prison -3.....and Roshamuul DP....and Upper Roshamuul...and all Quests like POI..Inquisition..WOTE...they are the only people who can do services there...and if any other Guild would think only about making a Free Service...they Would send there low lvls like 450 + to KS all the Guild in there hunts...and more and more...and there Services for Quests were so High Prices.......Then me and 5 best friends i know them in real....and played for many years togethr...we all Decided to transfere to Refugia...cuz a Druid friend of us went there and told us that Refugia is amaazing server of high lvls Respect...and Helpful poeple...and Here we are ! smile

When did you start playing Tibia and what is your experience?

I started playing Tibia from the old Schoools..since 2006...i Started with my Knight Mido Dido in Experience< its the BEST BEST BEST FIRST MMORPG 2D Game ever made !!! XD

Have you been in other guilds? If so, which ones?

yes in Calmera i stayed a loooong while in and International Guild too called Dynasty...and its still till this day...and i love the people in this Guild till this day...i think that my Greatest loss When i left Calmera...Dynasty..and everyone i helped and helped me and even had a long chat with...i remember and miss everyone i knew..Dynasty <3

Important things for you in Tibia?

The most Important...the Community of Massive FUN...Team huntings...Quests....Tasks to do...Making Bosses everyday and collceting Teams.....Respect & Honesty.

Joining Savages

How did you hear about us?

Elite'skar...a cool brother that i had a Friendship today with him...i talked to him...and asked him about any low lvl friends he know for hunting with me or making Bosses...he told me about places to hunt solo if i found no one to hunt i asked him about his Guild...He told me to take a look in ( Savages )...then i'll go to the link to Register in your website...and fill this application.

Why do you want to join us?

I i said Before...Iam new in Refugia...and i want to know mooore friends...i want to make Team huntings and lvl up...i want to Go make Thais bosses with a Team everyday...i want to know new friends to help them in any Situation...and they make the same for me....i want to be in your World Honestly ! smile)))))

What is your expectations from us?

Never had any Experience...i Just Read you Guild name today...and iam New in Refugia i have no Experience about you or any other Guilds here in the Server <3

Personal Information

Tell us about yourself:

Name : Mohamad Hamdy Mohamad Mohamad Mohamad Shaaban ! xD
Gender : Male
Age : 25 Years Old
Country : Egypt
Work : Just Graduated from 1 month ( Architecture Engireer )

Do you agree to follow the guild rules?

Yes, I Agree.

End of application.


#2 Wed Sep 13 23:32

Rank: Loyal
From: Nomoxxu
Registered: Wed Jun 28
Posts: 76

Re: [Accepted] Lord Mido's Application

Hello Mido,

Thank you for your interest in Savages. We will begin voting on your application. Please stay tuned and check back at our forums for further updates to your application.

/ Nomo


#3 Sat Sep 16 14:56

Broodje Bapao
Recruit Officer
From: Broodje Bapao
Registered: Mon Jun 26
Posts: 472

Re: [Accepted] Lord Mido's Application

Hey Mido,

Your application has been accepted, welcome to Savages big_smile
Mido Dido has been invited.


I am one of the Golden Five.


#4 Fri Sep 22 20:24

From: Ryo Ninja
Registered: Fri Jun 23
Posts: 196

Re: [Accepted] Lord Mido's Application

Welcome to the Savages! You have been promoted to Trial Member.
You now got access to the Members Area here on the guildsite, check it out to join the Savages Discord and WhatsApp channels.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.


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