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[Accepted] Korpo Szczurek's App

Joining Savages - Submitted by user: korpo szczurek

Application for Korpo Szczurek (Level 504), Master Sorcerer.

Character Name: Korpo Szczurek
Character Level: 504
Vocation: Master Sorcerer

Original Owner: Yes
Criminal Record: No

Your previous gameworlds and why did you leave them?

I've started back in 2002/3 at Thoria, then switched to Galana and then Secura. I was retired for a few years. When i finally decided to come back to game with friends, we started on Nerana, then moved to Refugia a while back. This is our main server atm.

When did you start playing Tibia and what is your experience?

I started arround 2002/2003 with couple of friends. Then, our group expanded and we moved to Galana for some time. I still remember the anxiety from Anhi quest with Uh's runes and Ice rapiers as knight.
After some time passed,  i switched games, mainly focused on counter strike for couple of months, but tibia was always somewhere - and that is where my story on Secura begins.
I've played there for arround 5-6 years with few breaks, achieved multiple 200+ and two 300+. Therefore, i can be called some what experienced.

Have you been in other guilds? If so, which ones?

The ones that are worth sharing are : Mystic flames on Secura, and Dies Irae on Secura as well. Recently, me and couple of my RL buddies started "My po gieha", but quickly got bored of it.

Important things for you in Tibia

The most important thing would be friends, and specially sharing time with them.
The biggest fun always comes from traditional things - conversations, and trying to achieve something that you tought was impossible - and that is what tibia combines for me.
Hunting difficult places with friends, while sharing a conversation and laught.

How did you hear about us? Do you know anyone of us?

I have always known about you guys(i saw couple characters running arround with savages guild tag), recently you guys invited me to the King Zelos, and it was pretty fun. Also, Jaayzik(the ginger man) was running arround talkin about you guys :>. Conclusion was simple - after a quick chat with my buddies that im playing with, we decided to give it a go in your applications forum.

Why do you want to join us and what is your expectations from us?

My expectations are pretty obvious and linear - hunts, bosses - and specially interesting and meaningfull conversations Big Grin

Tell us about yourself, write a few lines! (Name, Age, Country, Hobbies etc.)

My name is Piotrek(Peter in english), im about to be 26 yrs old. I was born in Poland, and that is the spot where i currently live.
I work in It/Marketing company, additionaly I am attending unversity during the weekends getting my masters degree. My hobbies are mostly related to - automotive industry, tattos, programming and e-commerce :>

Submitted by user korpo szczurek
ID 1071

Hello Piotrek! You have been accepted, welcome! See u in game