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[Accepted] Blue Hex's App

Joining Savages - Submitted by user: BlueHex

Application for Blue Hex (Level 237), Elite Knight.

Character Name: Blue Hex
Character Level: 237
Vocation: Elite Knight

Original Owner: Yes
Criminal Record: Yes

Your previous gameworlds and why did you leave them?


At the time, which was 2012-2013, it was run but a powerful guild called "Hell". I am from Australia and my ping has always been over 250. I have never truly experience tibia in a low ping format, so PKing was never my intention. I just wanted to be a high level player and experience the world of Tibia like how I imagined it when I first started playing this game in 2004 when I was 12. I moved to Refugia, because a friend of mine "Bigalow" was stationed in. Originally it was only my (Pie Druid) druid because I wanted to team up with him, as he is a knight, but after a while I moved all if not most of my characters from Keltera to Refugia. In the end, he stopped playing, but I still had the curiosity of wanting to complete the quests that was unreachable for so many years and to make my dreams come true.

When did you start playing Tibia and what is your experience?

I started playing back in 2004 at the age of 12. I had no idea what I was doing. I manage to get my first character a knight to 19-20 (now deleted). I did not know how to level up shielding and at the time my knight had 40 sword and 10 shielding. I was such a noob back then, it is actually incredibly funny how knowledgeable I was at the game. After leaving open pvp world, I never really looked back to be honest. I was allow to do things without limit in open pvp world, where every area was owned by a certain guild. Which totally ruined the experience for me, but once I got into non-pvp, I started doing more research, watch videos about areas where to level. I was on and off for many years because certain areas was always contested back in the day and I required a break after playing for a certain amount of time. Other responsibilities were required above Tibia. Such as university and work. At the current moment, I would say my experience is negligible. I have not done any of the major quest that requires teams of players. I have join a few guilds in the past such as "Harmony" which is still active in the world that was formerly known as Keltera. "Dark Mortals" was the last one I was in, which was disbanded and remade into "Dream Walkers". Other than that, I would be known as a experience noob of the game.

Have you been in other guilds? If so, which ones?

Harmony formerly in the world of Keltera.
Dark Mortals, now known as Dream Walkers in Refugia.

Important things for you in Tibia

Getting the experience of the past content that I dreamed of achieving when I was young, such as POI, INQ and hopefully the newer contents of the game.

How did you hear about us? Do you know anyone of us?

Seen the leader on twitch every now and then. Have no referrals.

Why do you want to join us and what is your expectations from us?

Once in a while team up and do some of those quests that requires a small team to complete for the newer and older content.

Tell us about yourself, write a few lines! (Name, Age, Country, Hobbies etc.)

My name is Mark.

I am 27 years old (T_T, very old).

I am from Australia, Perth and I major in Molecular Biology and Biomedical Science. I like to gym, play counter-strike go, Battlefield and Tibia as my hobbies. I love Football (soccer) and support Chelsea FC for the tenacity of not giving up even when the tides are against them. I am knowledgeable in the hobbies I stated above, but have no interest in politics, business, economics, marketing. Though some of the people in this world are interested in and I accept that, but I literally turn off when you talk to me about those subjects. If it involves about people than I am interested, if it's about money, than you will lose my attention. Money is not my motivation in life, it is about helping people.

Submitted by user BlueHex
ID 663

Hello Mark, I'm starting your voting. Good luck and don't forget to check this post while voting is running.

Be careful, lest in casting out your demon you exorcise the best thing in you.

Chelsea fan Sad Sad Sad
Big Grin 

(07-08-2019, 10:56)Druid Ben Wrote:  Chelsea fan Sad Sad Sad
AHAHAHA. Who do you support Tongue?

(07-08-2019, 07:40)Loki Silverblade Wrote:  Hello Mark, I'm starting your voting. Good luck and don't forget to check this post while voting is running.
Thank you, sir.

Hello Mark, you are accepted, Welcome to Savages!

Be careful, lest in casting out your demon you exorcise the best thing in you.

(10-08-2019, 16:37)Loki Silverblade Wrote:  Hello Mark, you are accepted, Welcome to Savages!
Thank you!