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Forum rules

By joining the "Savages Guild Forums" you agree to these terms below:


  1. No Discrimination, - You may not insult members based on their religion, race, sex, political beliefs, or whether they are gay or straight. This is worse than flaming, because it also hurts other members of the board who fall into the catagory you insult. This is a place where everyone is equal, and discrimination will not be tolerated!

  2. No Bullying - Do not pick on other members. The worst kind of bullying is where new members are picked on. This hurts the member as well as the board.

  3. No Flaming - Flaming harms the nice atmosphere of the forum community. It also causes thread's to go off topic, and most importantly, it hurts the person being flamed. The victom may defend themselves against any accusations made to them, but may not make any additional accusations to the flamer (which also counts as flaming).

  4. No Illegal Content - All kinds of illegal content is not allowed here. Any content on this site are the only responsibility of the person from whom the content comes from. This means that you are, and in any case, entirely responsible of any content that you provide by any way!


Breaking rules result in punishments. There are several types of punishments:


  1. Warning - First strike warning: Depending on how serious a violation is, you will be issued a warning first. Second strike warning: This is where a public announcement is made that mentions your name and that you have broken one or more rules. The forum staff will determine whether you knew what you were doing was wrong or whether a warning is nessisary to explain it do you.

  2. Restricted Posting - People who cause more problems after getting more than 3 warnings within 30 days will be placed in a usergroup with restricted permissons for a month. This is where you are not able to view parts the board and your topics and posts will need to be approved by the staff for a certain period of time until the problem(s) are sorted out.

  3. Permanent Ban - You will be excluded from the forum and also from the guild. This will only happen in severe cases.


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